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Mother of a third grade student
ESLEA Client Testimonials
Mother of an eight grader who has worked with us since fourth grade
A 17 year old high school student
Our family has had a tremendous experience with ESLEA. They did a comprehensive evaluation of our son, created a targeted program to address his challenges, and executed this plan with kindness and precision. Our son enjoys his time at ESLEA and has shown tremendous growth through their work together. I would and have recommended the practice to any family seeking to help their child work through learning differences.
Exeter Speech, Language & Education Associates, LLC takes special care to understand the unique needs of each of our students and to design custom solutions that exceed expectations.

We are very proud of the work we do and would like to share these testimonials from our clients:
Our daughter has improved remarkably since attending ESLEA. She has benefited from one on one help with homework and time management and organizational techniques. We have noticed huge advances in her writing abilities and overall math concepts. The tutors there are very supportive and committed to helping our daughter in any way they can.
I never would have thought that I could overcome the problem and I am glad you were able to be my guide and show me the door to success. (I spell the word right now: who would have known?) In my college essays, I always say that until you helped me correct the problem, I was trying just to stay afloat, but now I can swim powerfully, gracefully and confidently through the vast ocean of academia.
Mother of a three year old
Tristan has started talking and now says several words! He frequently says things like more, please, thank you, bus, ball, book, Daddy, hi and bye-bye. You were the first SLP who actually got our child and met him where he was and moved his along. (Several professionals in the past) had said things like "He's not ready for speech therapy," or "He will likely never talk." Thank you for believing in our son and seeing his potential. Thanks for making me see that he had it in him, and for teaching me how to help him get is out.