Exeter Speech, Language & Education Associates
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We provide one-on-one instruction specifically designed to meet the needs of the student. The number of hours and days per week are flexible. 

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Exeter Speech, Language & Education Associates is a team of regular and special education teachers and speech and language pathologists. We provide individualized services to meet the learning and communication needs of children, adolescents and adults. 

Our specialty is instruction in reading, writing, spelling, mathematics, speech, language and thinking. ESLEA was established in 2003 to provide tutoring, speech, and related one-on-one services during the school year and the summer.

After School Tutoring
Summer Program
In School Tutoring

ESLEA 2017 Summer Program 
July 5- August 10, 2017

  • Flexible schedules to accommodate your student's needs
  • One-on-one instruction
  • Number of weeks & hours per week depends on your child's needs​

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Is your child on an IEP that requires one-on-one instruction? We provide that type of instruction in several school districts now. Ask your Special Ed Director about using our services for your child.